You are in business to:

  • Satisfy your customers
  • Optimise your investment in inventory
  • Utilise your management time effectively in running the business instead of routine administration
  • Employ productive staff levels not overburdened with routine administration

The ‘bottom line’ – efficiently combine all these elements to provide you with the best possible financial reward from your business.

You need all these factors working for you together. If one of these is not right then your business is not doing as well as it could and should.

How does the BizFlex Retail system help achieve this?

Satisfy your Customers

Streamline the sales process with your customers

Your customers want to spend their time with your products in deciding to buy. They don’t want to spend a lot of time in paying for their purchases. The BizFlex sales process is fast and smooth, with minimal possible operator errors. This is because the BizFlex process all the way from product ordering, pricing, receiving and then the final sale is streamlined and easy to operate.

Impress your customers with service and customer knowledge

Answer customer queries about stock items very quickly with the BizFlex multi store and on order information screen which can also display multiple product images

Record a customer special request in BizFlex with a minimum of fuss

A customer’s complete purchase history is at your fingertips in BizFlex, items purchased, gift vouchers, store credits, award points, laybys, bookings

Reward your customers with gift vouchers from award points on purchases

It is firmly established that customer loyalty systems such as provided by BizFlex will increase sales over time

Inform your customers about your special promotions

Customer purchasing information is recorded in BizFlex to facilitate marketing campaigns


Optimise your investment in inventory

The eternal retail conundrum:

OUT OF STOCK ? you lose sales

TOO MUCH or SLOW MOVING STOCK ? you still lose

The potential is there to lose money through stock obsolescence and costly funds sunk into over investment.


Suggested ordering

BizFlex can help in optimising your stock levels by generating a suggested order based on a sales analysis period and/or min’s and max’s if necessary.

To work out what and when to order, you also need sales information.

BizFlex provides an array of sales reports for any period.

BizFlex Profitability Analysis compares costs and prices with period average sales to profit and quantity on hand

Import orders from suppliers

If appropriate, receive your order from a supplier and import it directly into BizFlex which will create any new products and update any new prices automatically.

Stock takes

To really keep tabs on your stock levels and value, periodic stock takes are necessary and are easier to process in BizFlex, particularly if you use portable barcode scanners.


Take action sooner

BizFlex tracks which items (or groups of items) are selling and which aren’t. This is a great way to identify your hottest and coldest items so that you can make better business decisions. You can identify your slowest moving items so that their placement or pricing can be changed or other remedial action taken sooner.

Utilise your management time effectively

BizFlex integration

BizFlex is fully integrated with:
• Point of Sale
• Inventory
• Customers
• Suppliers
• Accounting

You only ever need to enter a product, customer, supplier code or any transaction once and it is available to all these business processes.

BizFlex saves time and clerical mistakes by:

  • Creating financial transactions automatically
  • Making it easier and faster to order from suppliers
  • Generating supplier invoices and credit claims ready to pay without having to enter any extra data
  • Providing an easy method to change many products at the same time, eg. Descriptions, selling and cost prices, categories
  • Full analysis and reporting on product sales and financial information is readily available, thus providing vital feedback on keeping your business operating at peak performance.