Multiple and Franchise Stores

Multiple and Franchise Stores

BizFlex Retail Virtual Store is ideal for single, multiple or wholly owned chain or franchise stores. All products, prices, customers, sales, laybys, vouchers, purchase and customer orders are available to all stores through an immediate and up to date data transfer system.


Immediate Up to Date Stock Levels from Your Group

BizFlex Retail offers an on-line inter-store data transfer system which is new, innovative and unique to multi-store retailers in Australia. The BizFlex Database Replication Engine is vastly superior to existing overnight ‘dial up’ data transfer methods common to many other software systems.

The BizFlex Replication Engine enables selective inter-store data transfers automatically and reliably within the group.


Secure Database Replication/Offsite Backup

Your database is secure within the highly evolved BizFlex Database Replication System. All, or selective, data can be automatically duplicated at multiple remote locations, or Cloud based, retaining up to date information on a 24 x 7 basis.

BizFlex data is automatically synchronised across databases on resumption, in case of Internet interruptions or power failures.