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Software for Today’s Retailers

The tools you need to efficiently operate and manage your business. Very flexible, all in one package that works the way you want it to work. Designed by retailers, developed by information technology experts.

WORLD CLASS Productivity

You really only want to enter your data once, BizFlex has integrated modules in one package to handle:

  • Point of Sale
  • External Payment systems
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Staff
  • Accounting
  • Website Updating
  • Website Orders


Website e-commerce and payments systems integration specialists. If we don’t already do it now then we can.



We utilise up to date software development tools and methodologies to maintain and optimise BizFlex to the highest possible performance and productivity



Operating Efficiency

We strive to design screen layouts to be easier to read and use. We don’t like cumbersome cluttered forms


BizFlex Point of Sale designed specially for touch screens to improve productivity and minimise errors.

Point of sale & BACK OFFICE

Run Point of Sale and Back Office system on the same computer or separate.

Data Integrity and Safety

What happens when you lose your database or when your main computer becomes corrupted or worse, is hacked?

BizFlex has systems that look after your valuable data

sAFE  and secure

BizFlex Auto Backup is invaluable for single site retailing.

For multi store retailers, BizFlex database Replication ensures your data integrity, safety and convenient sharing of important data.




Fast touch screens that are responsive and easy to use even by inexperienced staff


Amazing array of options and features that we help in setting up and maintaining for your business

optimised user interface

Point of sale large buttons, solid colours, very fast searching and look ups.

Long established

BizFlex has been operating retail business for over 12 years and is very stable and reliable


Library of Procedures and in screen help available

convenient financing

Monthly Subscription payment method includes using BizFlex, online support and free periodic updates



“We’ve looked at other so called advanced systems and rejected them outright. When compared, BizFlex has a lot of features but is so easy to use and fast, gives us all the reporting, control and reliability we need”, Toyworld, Melbourne


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Latest News

BizFlex now offers full integration with afterpay online payment system